MEYD-449 – English subbed, A Smiling Seductive Mother-In-Law Showing Off her Rich sex. Mako Oda Kouki has a dad who has been single for a very long time since Mother passed away. Until one day, he suddenly tells him that he remarried, with Oda Mako no less.
Kouki is very confused about having a new “Mom”, and he also notices the size of Oda Mako’s tits and how sexy she is… the whole thing blows his mind. Even more when after a while, he notices that Oda Mako and his dad are having sex and he begins to peeps through the crack of the door getting a boner. Oda Mako notices him noticing her and she begins to encourage him to masturbate… Damn.
MEYD-449 is not the typical Mommy fantasy JAV where things escalate to very unrealistic situations very fast. In this movie, Oda Mako is super kinky and seductive but… and spoiler alert: They don’t have much physical contact or sex.
The 3 actors did a super job. The dad is super funny. Yuki Jin (Kouki) is a legend. And Oda Mako is awesome and I’m sure she has a lot of fans here.
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– Pornstars: Mako Oda
– DVD ID: MEYD-449
– s46-subjav-(English subbed) A Smiling Seductive Mother-In-Law Showing Off her Rich sex

[MEYD-449] A Smiling Seductive Mother-In-Law Showing (subbed)
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