SNIS-191 – English subbed, Girls Looking for Molesters. Kirara Asuka is an extremely beautiful office lady boss who gets usually molested in the commuter train, but she doesn’t let it slide.
One of Kirara’s subordinates has noticed Kirara is acting strange and feeling horny and decides to secretly follow her to the train. Where sure enough, she gets molested again, but this one time, she feels very horny and lets it happen. The subordinate has witnessed the whole scene, and films Kirara with a phone, producing some useful blackmail material that he will use later on to bang the boss.
In the aftermath, Kirara has lost her mind and now she has a thing for molesters.
I can’t stress enough, Kirara Asuka looks so hot in this particular vid.
Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Kirara Asuka
– DVD ID: SNIS-191
– s65-subjav-(English subbed) Girls Looking for Molesters

[SNIS-191] Girls Looking for Molesters – Kirara Asuka (subbed)
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